Webinar "Universities' responsibilities to society"

  • Posted on: 8 September 2021
  • By: tvmd

Διαβίβαση αλληλογραφίας από το δίκτυο Magna Charta Observatory, στο οποίο το ΑΠΘ είναι μέλος, που αφορά τη διοργάνωση  webinar με τίτλο: Universities’ responsibilities to society, το οποίο θα πραγματοποιηθεί στις 29.9.2021 από τις 16:00 – 17:30 ώρα Ελλάδας.


In June, we officially launched the Magna Charta 2020 (MCU 2020) in a global virtual celebration of the principles, values and responsibilities universities espouse. To further that discussion, we invite you to our next webinar that focuses on one of the main tenets of the new document: Universities’ responsibilities to society.

WEBINAR: Universities’ responsibilities to society
September 29, 2021
1500 – 1630 CEST

Registration is free and open now to all university leaders, staff and students.

Societal responsibility is one of the first principles set out in the new MCU 2020 in that universities acknowledge their responsibility to “engage with and respond to the aspirations and challenges of the world and to the communities they serve, to benefit humanity and contribute to sustainability.”

But what does that look like in practice around the globe?

The purpose of this webinar is to start answering this question in a way that will give insight and inspire universities to consider further their social contract with civil society.

We look forward to seeing you at our webinar while we remain.