Welcome to the School of Italian Language and Literature


The Institute of Foreign Languages was created with Act 5139 of 1931 as a Department of the Faculty of Philosophy of the AUTH. The commencement of its operation was considerably delayed: the department of English started its operation in 1950-51, the Department of French in 1954-55, the Departments of German and of Italian Language and Literature in 1960-61.

The Italian Department admitted its first students in 1961 and held its first graduation ceremony in 1965. The Higher Education Act (1268) of 1982 re-organized the Faculty of Philosophy. It abolished the Institute of Foreign Languages and upgraded the four foreign-language departments into full-status independent Schools. Qualification awarded Degree of the School of Italian Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (equivalent to Bachelor of Arts). 


School Personnel

President: Professor, Eleni Leontaridi 


EFSTATHIOS BIRTACHAS: Assistant Professor, “European history and civilization”, with a specialisation in “Greek-Italian relations”. info

KONSTANTINA BOUBARA: Associate Professor, “History of Italian literature”. info

MARIA DOUNDI: Special Technical Laboratory Staff. info

ΚONSTANTINA EVANGHELOU: Associate Professor, “Sociology of literature”. info

ROSARIA GULISANO: Foreign Language Tutor. info

ELENI KASSAPI: Professor, “Translation studies. info

ELENI LEONTARIDI: Professor, “Spanish linguistics”. info

GABRIELLA MACRÌ: Associate Professor, “Comparative literature”, with a specialisation in “Relations between modern Greek and Italian literature”. info

DIMITRA MELISSAROPOULOU: Associate Professor, “Theoretical and comparative linguistics: morphology”. info

IOANNIS MICHAILIDIS: Academic Scholar. info

ANNA MOUTI, Assistant Professor, “Second language acquisition theories and applications in Italian as an L2”info

ELISAVET NEOFYTIDOU: Special Teaching Staff, “Translation, applications”info

ΚONSTANTINOS PALEOLOGOS: Professor, “Applied translation studies”, with a specialisation in “Spanish literature”. info

NATIVIDAD PERAMOS SOLER, Assistant Professor, “Spanish as a foreign language and Spanish dialectology​”. info

MARIA PERIFANOU: Academic Scholar. info

THOMAIS ROUSOULIOTI: Special Teaching Staff, “Linguistics”. info

EVRIPIDIS SIDERIDIS: Special Teaching Staff, Teacher of English language. info

ILIAS SPIRIDONIDIS: Academic Scholar. info

STAVROULA STAVRAKAKI: Professor, “Linguistics”, with a specialisation in “Neurolinguistics”. info

IOANNA TALLI: Assistant Professor, “Special education in learning and assessing romance languages”. info

GEORGE YPSILANDIS: Professor, “Language didactics”, with a specialisation in “Applications of informatics in language-teaching”. info

THEODOROS VAVOURAS: Special Teaching Staff, “Computer science, applications”info

ANTONIOS VENTURIS: Assistant Professor,  “Language didactics”, with a specialisation in “Assessment in foreign language teaching”. info

ZOGRAFIA ZOGRAFIDOU: Professor, “History of Italian literature”, with a specialisation in “History of translations of Italian literature”. info


Secretariat (Administration Building, 2nd floor)

Study Room (basement of the “New Building” of the Faculty of Philosophy)

Library (basement of the “New Building” of the Faculty of Philosophy)